Chocolate Review – Ritter Sport (Dark Chocolate w/ Whole Hazelnuts)

If you’ve read the ‘About Us’ section above, than disregard the first paragraph of this post; if you haven’t please read on…

I love chocolate. I love chocolate bars, chocolate desserts, chocolate drinks, cocoa nibs… I even love reading about chocolate. I am currently entrenched in ‘Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage‘. Since this is my blog and I can write about, pretty much whatever I want, I choose chocolate. Not all the time. But you will definitely find a fair amount of chocolate reviews on this blog. None of the chocolate I will speak to has been sent to me (yet!), nor am I affiliated with any of the brands.

So let me delve into my first official chocolate review. This was a total impulse purchase at Trader Joe’s earlier today (aren’t those the best kind?) and I’d say it was a pretty good one. My impulsions usually result in chocolately heaven (and this one is no exception), yet continuously cause my ‘diet’ to suffer…  (Sigh) So is the life of a chocaholic.

Onto the chocolate!

Brand: Ritter Sport

Type: Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts (Dunkle Voll-Nuss)

Description: Ritter Sport is a German made chocolate distributed world-wide. Their chocolate is made using a blend of cocoa from West Africa, Madagascar, and New Guinea that comes in a variety of flavors (27 I believe) One Ritter bar is made up of 16 small squares, making portioning a snap. (Not that I practiced any sort of portion control in this case).

Review: The Ritter bar that I sampled today was chock-full of hazelnuts (as you can see) and overall, provided for a delightfully smooth yet crunchy chocolate experience. Though it was labeled ‘dark chocolate’, the package and website informed me that the bar contained only 50% cocoa solids, so it was a bit sweeter than I’m used to my dark chocolate tasting. Because of the sweetness, it felt more like a delicious chocolate dessert, rather than the pure, dark, almost-forbidden tasting chocolate I have come to call my favorite. The chocolate itself had a texture that was smooth and clean, only interrupted (not unwelcoming-ly) by whole hazelnuts which added a satisfying crunch from the texture (presumably due to roasting) and quality (hand-selected from Turkey). I consumed my bar with black hazelnut coffee, as I find coffee to enhance the flavor of the chocolate itself. In addition, the warm beverage causes the chocolate to melt in my mouth upon contact which allows me to experience the chocolate in its most attractive light, and showcases the chocolate’s personality best. (I tend to personify chocolate, and I won’t apologize for it. Hmph!)

In conclusion, I found the Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts bar to be a charming chocolate experience. I wouldn’t call it exceptional, however, I would definitely call it enjoyable (seeing as I consumed the bar in its entirety). If I were to rate this bar on a scale from 1 – 10, I would give this chocolate a 7. A gratifying cocoa experience, yet I think a chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa is most appealing to my palate.

Yours truly,


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