Cilantro-Lime Taco’s

When I have time, I love to get down to the basics and really make a meal. When I say that, I mean, do everything from marinating and tenderizing the meat to stewing my own stock. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time for such an elaborate luxury, so I’m forced to take a few short-cuts.

For these taco’s, which were absolutely delicious by the way, I used Trader Joe’s Tri-Tip Carne Asada. It was a beautiful roast of beef that had been marinated in Latin-inspired spices and was ready for me to cook. I roasted it slowly in the oven then allowed it to rest, and it turned out moist and tender with quite a sassy kick from the spice blend.

I decided to chop my roast and use it to make scrumptious taco’s! I layered my meat in soft corn tortilla’s, sprinkled them generously with queso fresco and topped with fresh cilantro and lime, adding a dash of hot sauce to finish. So simple, yet so so good.

My next venture I think, will be fish taco’s. Stay Tuned…



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