Restaurant Review – Cafe Colette

I love brunch. It’s one of my favorite meals – along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today, while walking around Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, we stumbled upon Cafe Colette at 9th and Berry. I didn’t walk in expecting to review the place, however, had such a pleasant experience, felt the need to applaud them in the blogosphere.

Soon after being seated, we enjoyed our beverages of choice while perusing the menu. My soy cappuccino was perfect. I love when restaurant’s serve rustic chunks of raw sugar along with my coffee, so that was a major plus as well. The O.J. was obviously fresh-squeezed judging from the color and the bits of pulp could be found throughout, making it refreshing and authentic.

Our sociable server, Chuck, recommended the Eggs Purgatory to us, and I chose the Buttermilk Waffles w/ fresh berries. Both were delish. From the name, Eggs Purgatory sounded as if it would be spicy, and while it did contain some chile peppers, it was overall a pretty mild dish. Nonetheless, it did not disappoint. The eggs were served baked with peppers, onions, goat and parmesan cheese, black olives, and roasted tomatoes in a cast-iron skillet with country toast on the side. The roasted tomatoes and softened onions added a tenderness to the dish which balanced the sharpness of the goat cheese and chile peppers well. While an extra piece of toast and perhaps some home fries on the side would have made it exceptional, it was still delicious.

I typically choose savory dishes over sweet at brunch, however, today I decided to switch things up and order waffles and syrup – harkening back to my days eating in diners in the Midwest. The  Buttermilk Waffles were a good choice. The waffle was just what a waffle should be – light and airy, with crisp edges and fruit on top. My only wish was that some flavored whipped cream was served alongside – perhaps cinnamon or almond infused. Otherwise, it was simple and delightful.

Both were well-prepared dishes and quickly enjoyed and devoured.

We will probably be going back to Cafe Colette for brunch and perhaps we’ll even try lunch or dinner there as well. They had a well-stocked bar and interesting sounding cocktails which I wouldn’t mind sipping in the near future.

So if you’re looking for a nice brunch in Williamsburg with a cute atmosphere and friendly staff, then I would suggest Cafe Colette. I’ll let you know how dinner and drinks are on the next visit.


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