The New Age Of Food Trucks

In the past, you could always count on food carts and trucks to carry the usual street fare – hotdogs, kebabs, pretzels, etc. The most exotic find was a variety of spiced nuts. Now there’s a food truck to fill practically every whim and fancy.

Food trucks have become much more sophisticated as of late and it’s amazing how many gourmet-style food trucks have popped up, seemingly overnight! There are now trucks that specialize in everything from pizza and burgers, to wafels and cupcakes…  I even saw a French bistro truck parked on 5th Ave.

Thanks to the ever-growing ‘foodie’ culture, along with shows like ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ on the Food Network, food trucks have been glamorized and more and more people are finding their calling to be serving up strangers on the street.

I think it’s great that there are so many more options for lunch when I step outside, however, I also think certain things just don’t make sense for a food truck. Cupcakes, gourmet slushes, taco’s – yes, yes, and yes! All are delicious, quick, and innovative street foods. Anything that requires pedestrians to pay more than $10 or wait more than 10 minutes has lost what’s fun about street food. I have to admit though, it is exciting stumbling across a brand-new food truck I’ve never seen before. Here’s some pics from trucks I’ve seen around NYC lately…

The ‘Cupcake Crew’ Truck opened it’s window on Halloween night!

Hella good chocolate cupcake w/ peanut butter frosting from the ‘Cupcake Crew’

The ‘Munch Truck’ had a plasma screen TV that I watched Avatar on while waiting for my kebab and rice!

‘Kelvin’s Natural Slush Co.’ Truck featuring flavors like: Ginger Pink Guava, Cherry Peach Tea, and Citrus Mango Mint.

Check out the ‘Bistro Truck’ menu: Lamb cigars, Tangier bocadillos, Chicken brochette… holy gourmet!

Forgot to take a pic of the ‘Cupcake Truck’ after biting into this Nutella chocolate cupcake. It was mesmerizing…

Authentic Belgian ‘Wafels and Dinges’ on 6th Ave. outside Trader Joe’s. Insanity!


What do you think of this food truck phenomenon?



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