Restaurant Review – Roebling Tea Room

Yesterday, by the suggestion of a friend, we went to the Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for brunch. We weren’t sure what to expect because it can often be hit or miss with brunch spots in this area, however, we both agreed that this place was not only quirky and cool, but a place whose food can hold its own.

The restaurant gave the impression of being a reinvented hunter’s lodge with its wooden accents and simple decor. The room itself was slightly dark, only lit by natural light streaming in through the windows and dim lights overhead. Upon arriving, we were quickly seated at a charming table by a fireplace with padded armrest chairs. We were each handed a brunch menu and a hefty tea list.

Boyf decided on a sweet dish, the ‘Big Baked Pancake’ which was served with fruit compote and maple syrup. He also got a side of bacon. It was HUGE and delicious, the taste resembling a French Toast with it’s slightly eggy yet fluffy texture. The bacon was surprisingly smoky and tasted as if they slow-smoked their own strips out back. We didn’t check, so perhaps they do.

I ordered the ‘Baked Cheddar Eggs’ which came with thick hunks of golden raisin-fennel seed-cornmeal toast, apple butter, and a bowl of cheese grits. The eggs were very good. The baked cheese on top was crispy and smoky, and the eggs inside were soft and tender. My one complaint was towards the bottom of the dish, I came across hard balls of yolk, which were too tough and chalky to even eat. Perhaps whisking the eggs prior to baking would have avoided this situation. A little bacon inside the dish wouldn’t have hurt anyone either… The toast was a new flavor combination for me and I enjoyed it. The grits were not good, or maybe they were, but I just don’t like grits. I had an inkling I didn’t like them from a past experience, but wanted to give them another chance. Now I know for sure – I don’t like grits.

I felt a pot of tea was in order as we were, in fact, in a tea room. I chose the Silver Needle White Tea from their extensive list. The promise of a quick-brew time and abundance of antioxidants is what drew me. It was decent, but in the end, just tasted like a pot of tea. Maybe a tea connoisseur would have more to say, but I’m not well enough versed in that area yet.

We liked the Roebling Tea House. We’ll probably be going back soon for lunch to try one of their unique-sounding sandwiches. Stay tuned for a follow-up review.

– M –


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