Macchiato Espresso Bar

I’ve heard of Macchiato Espresso Bar before – all good things – so when I happened across it today during a break at work, I had to dash in and grab a cup.

The shop was small and cozy, yet modern and efficient. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Japanese business man or woman started up this bar – they always seem to have all the cute, modern stuff. I ordered a small mochaccino and as I was paying, my eye was caught by a batch of the most decadent-looking chocolate chunk cookies, still warm from the oven. Being a total impulse buyer, I had to have one of those too. I paid and started walking back to my office. I took one sip and…

Thank goodness for the cookie, because that mochaccino was disappointing to say the very least! The barista couldn’t make it with soy for some reason I don’t remember, (the ‘milk’ I usually drink coffee with) so I had to settle for skim, which I quickly got over. What I couldn’t get past, however, was the flavorless, watered-down taste of the drink. I didn’t taste any espresso, much less mocha. If there was any coffee at all, it had to have been day-old drip coffee, because honestly the taste was terrible. Extremely disappointing for an ESPRESSO bar. I ended up throwing out the cup with most of the drink still left.

The only saving grace for Macchatio’s was the chocolate chunk cookie.

It looks so ordinary at first, but wait til I bite in…

Ooooh yea! This was one of the best chocolate chunk cookies I’ve had in awhile. It was the only thing that saved me from being completely disappointed with Macchiato Espresso Bar – though I don’t think cookies should be the main draw to an espresso bar…

I’m going to try to forget about this cookie, lest I gain 800 lbs, but those 3 minutes I took to eat that cookie were among some of the best of my life…. Maybe that’s a touch dramatic, but I tell you what; there’s nothing like an amazing cookie to save the day.

2 thoughts on “Macchiato Espresso Bar

  1. The reason the barista couldn’t make it with soy is because the chocolate that was used to make the mochacino is with regular milk!!!! Unless you drink soy for the taste (beats me), it doesn’t mix well with the kind of chocolate he used for the specific type of drink you ordered! Also soy doesn’t mix well with espresso in general, but Americans don’t care about it… Remember the reason the barista told you before you talk badly about their drinks- shows how little you care and know about coffee…!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your obvious passion for java! I do like the taste of soy, however, I usually ask for it specifically because lactose upsets my stomach. I’m not sure if you read my whole post, but if you did, you’ll know that I ‘quickly got over’ the fact that they used regular milk in my drink. My issue was not with the type of milk, it was with the espresso itself. The old-tasting, burnt quality of the drink was what caused me to write a somewhat negative review. I find it interesting that you feel authorized to generalize all Americans as careless, but I don’t take offense because I know your words to be false. No use crying over spilt milk (whatever the type)

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