Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

WOW! That’s the best word to describe the shipment that came for one of my co-workers today. It was an ice-cold box filled with 4 different flavors of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. I had heard of the brand previously, however, had not had the pleasure of sampling them until today.

In his shipment came 4 flavors: Salted Caramel (signature), Sweet Potato with Toasted Marshmallow (seasonal), Goat Cheese with Cognac Fig Sauce (seasonal), and Dark Chocolate Peppermint (seasonal).

The Salted Caramel was divine. I can see why they keep it through the seasons – it must be one of their most popular flavors. As their website describes, it’s a perfect sweet-salty balance. The taste of caramelized sugar and delicious saltiness were like a symphony for my taste buds. I distinctly remember sighing and closing my eyes when I took my first spoonful. (dramatic much? lol)

The Sweet Potato with Toasted Marshmallow was very good as well. I could not eat a large quantity of it, for it was very sweet, but I enjoyed the familiar, comforting flavor of sweet potato and cinnamon. I would have preferred for the marshmallows to be more gooey in nature. Perhaps gooey is not the right word, but less of a whole marshmallow, and more of a sauce is what I’m trying to say. I think it would have swirled more nicely through the ice cream.

The Goat Cheese with Cognac Fig Sauce was very interesting! I liked it, but again, would not have been able to eat a large portion. The two spoonfuls I tried were packed with enough boozy punch to satiate my appetite. The goat cheese was creamy but not overpowering, it was the cognac flavor that did me in. One more bite and I would have had to hand my keys over to a co-worker! (Well I take the subway to work, but you know what I mean.)

The Dark Chocolate Peppermint was different than other chocolate-mint ice cream combo’s I’ve tried. Instead of a generic mint flavor, you could really taste the peppermint! It was all at once, refreshing and a sweet indulgence.

Now that I’ve tried and been impressed by 4 of Jeni’s flavors, I might just have to purchase the whole lot!

They’re a tad expensive though, so perhaps I’ll treat myself (or someone will treat me!) to a new flavor or two for the next celebration in my life. (TBD on what that is. lol)

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