Gingerbread House!

We’re just days away from Christmas, and I just can’t get enough of cute holiday traditions! Growing up, my mom would take my brothers and I to a gingerbread house making class every year until I was… well, let’s just say it was an age a bit too old to publicly display.

I loved loved loved those classes. We’d bake, ice, and decorate the houses in the class, compare whose house was the best (mine obviously), and then my mom wouldn’t let us touch, much less eat them, until they were way to stale to enjoy and Christmas was long gone. Oh the joy…

Well, I decided to continue the gingerbread house tradition this year on my own, and picked up a kit from Trader Joe’s to assist me. The directions were super easy to follow and the process was only slightly less fun than I remember. (Didn’t bake my own gingerbread and not enough deco’s :-/)

Still, I think it turned out cute as a button, festive, and only slightly like a 5 year-old decorated it…

*Mom if you’re reading, don’t go any further…

RIP to the house above because since its creation, it has been eaten. No stale gingerbread this year and I loved every bite. 🙂

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