Pies ‘n’ Thighs

The Pies ‘n’ Thighs restaurant in Brooklyn has been praised on media outlets large and small. From the New York Times and Martha, to local food blogs and newspaper write-ups, everyone seems to love this place! Of course, I had to try it.

Since I simply cannot start something new on a weekend, I decided to make today my last night of over-indulgence prior to my New Year’s resolution to lose a few lbs. and become healthier. With my stomach growling, I scoured Google Maps for restaurants within the vicinity and made the the biggest decision yet of the day: Pizza or fried chicken?

(apologies for the dark images… my phone has no flash)

I decided to make the 10 minute walk to Pies ‘n’ Thighs, a local Brooklyn eatery that I’ve been dying to try, in an attempt to work off the some of the calories I would accumulate during my meal. I knew what I was getting before we were seated, so soon after, the plate above arrived. The chicken breading was golden, crunchy, and flavorful and the chicken itself was moist as I’ve ever tasted and seasoned well.  My ‘Chicken Box’ came with a good ole Southern biscuit and my choice of side. I ordered the black-eyed peas which was served cold and flavored with green chiles and jalapenos, though I personally did not find it spicy. On every table was a bottle of hot sauce and honey – two necessary condiments in my opinion for chicken and biscuits. I really enjoyed the meal immensely!

The fried chicken is what they’re known for, however, it’s not all they make well. Boyf ordered the ‘Brisket Sandwich’ and was just as pleased with his meal. The barbeque brisket was extremely flavorful and tender and was served with its cooking juices on white country bread. The pairing of juicy meat on crusty bread was just what we were looking for in a comfort food this Sunday evening and served its purpose well. He chose baked beans as his side which were hearty and tangy from the BBQ sauce and really just a darn fine bowl of beans.

Since this place is known for its pie’s, we had to order a slice. As you can see from the menu above they had many fine choices, though I was sort of drawn to the Concord Grape pie as I’ve never tried one before. But alas! They were completely out of it by the time we got there, so we went with the Banana Cream Pie instead.

Now I’m not really a Banana Cream Pie kinda girl. I rarely order it, and it’s even rarer that I like it. The pie I really wanted to try was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, but my dining partner doesn’t like chocolate (Hmph the nerve!), and since we were set on sharing dessert, I had to compromise. Well, thank goodness for that because this pie was absolutely to thigh for! (Sorry)

The beautifully soft and delicate banana cream was topped in the traditional way with whipped cream and vanilla wafers. Below the cream were real banana chunks, all of which was held together with a sturdy crust which tasted salty and nutty like coarsely ground peanuts were in it. It was pretty delicious and something I might not have tried at all if I were there on my own.

We left P ‘n’ T satisfied, but not overly. The portions were perfect and gave me the feeling of indulgence without going overboard. I will likely be going back for some chicken and pie real soon. As a matter of fact, as long as there are pie’s on the menu I have yet to try (and even when there aren’t) I’ll be making that 10 minute walk back to Pies ‘n’ Thighs.



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