Poached Eggs on Toast

I discovered what has now become my new favorite breakfast while at home with the family over the holidays. My brother, who is now a health and body nut since moving to LA, made breakfast for us one morning calling it his ‘usual’.

It’s super simple, delicious, and really healthy. I’ll tell you how to make it:

Boil water to poach eggs. In the meantime, toast two slices of pumpernickel or whole grain bread. Once bread is nice and toasty, rub with the flat side of a fresh clove of garlic, then drizzle lightly with olive oil. Thinly slice a fresh tomato (unrefrigerated!), then layer slices on top of garlic bread. Once eggs are poached to desired done-ness, carefully remove from saucepan and gently place on top of tomato toast. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and oregano and serve with a side salad. YUM!

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