Maple Latte

Something you should know about me – I subscribe to virtually every e-newsletter (food or otherwise) in the world. I read my food-related newsletters religiously, however, I currently have over 38,000 unread emails in my Gmail account right now. That just tells me it’s time to unsubscribe to all of the other nonsense. 😉

In reading my weekly e-dose of the TTNYC: Tasting Table New York City I became quite fascinated with the headline topic: Maple latte’s. I’ve never had one, but it sounded like the absolute perfect cold-weather drink to warm you up from sip to tummy. A hot maple drink seems the perfect accompaniment while relaxing in a cozy wooden lodge after a long day of skiing in Vermont. I’ve never been skiing in Vermont or to a wooden lodge, but it just seemed to fit…

Anyway, in the newsletter there were three shops listed relatively near to me that carry this cozy beverage. The most conveniently located was, Irving Place Coffee and Tea Bar at 71 Irving Place. So I left my apartment early before work today so I could try this unique latte for my morning boost.

According to TTNYC:

This café ‘blends wood-fired Deep Mountain syrup from Vermont with chocolaty Flying Donkey espresso’.

Who wouldn’t want one after that description?

It doesn’t matter the obstacles in my way, when I’m on a gastronomical mission to try something new, I will go to almost any length. So off I left from Brooklyn this morning, with my laptop, giant purse (who’s weight could make even the strongest bodybuilder flinch), my yoga mat (to remedy my morning splurge), and layers and layers of cold-weather wear. Then it was off to fight the subway crowd and embark on the out-of-the-way walk to Irving 71.

Once there, my eye immediately met the pastry case so I was ordering a plain croissant before I even knew the words were coming out of my mouth. The croissant was decent, but definitely nothing to write home about and nothing I’d ever get again. The soy maple latte I ordered, however, was everything I’d been hoping for!

The espresso was rich and robust, the velvety texture of the soy was everything one would hope for in a well-made latte, and the maple flavor was subtle, adding just the right amount of sweet woodsy flavor. The ‘latte art’ that tops a great espresso drink impresses me every time as well. Really fantastic. At $5 a pop it’s definitely a sometimes treat, but I would definitely go back.


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