Chicken Empanada’s

I’ve had a few empanada’s in my day, but have never really had an affinity towards them until I tasted the boyf’s family empanada recipe. They’re baked sweet empanada’s with a flaky crust and a delicate stuffing of eggs and sugar and sometimes raisins. I decided then and there that I love empanadas and want to test out my own variations!

Empanadas are a pastry popular in many Latin American countries, and even in southern Europe as well. They can be baked or fried and stuffed with virtually any combination you prefer. Some are sweet, some are savory – They can contain meats, vegetables, fruits, or even the aforementioned sugar and egg combination. I prefer them baked and love both sweet and savory varieties. Empanadas are made by placing a small amount of filling on a round disk of dough and then folding the dough over to make a half moon shape. You then press the folds together with a fork to make a pretty crimping pattern and brush with either milk or egg wash to help the empanada turn a golden, glossy color. I would say they are similar to the American-Italian calzone or the samosa, popular in some Asian and African countries. It always amazes me how countries all over the world create basically the same dishes, just calling them by different names and using ingredients available in their region.

I really had no intention of making this for dinner last night, but when I saw the empanada dough at the store, I got inspired. 🙂

The empanadas I made yesterday were savory and stuffed with a mixture of shredded chicken, tomato paste, red pepper and onion and seasoned with some Adobo. I basically made up the stuffing as I went along, which turned out great!

I then placed the disks of dough on my cutting board and spread the chicken mixture on one half of the circle of dough. I topped with some mozzarella cheese and folded the bare half of the disk over the stuffing and pressed the ends together using a fork to make a crimped edge.

I placed all of my empanadas on a lightly greased baking sheet, and brushed with egg wash. Then I baked them at 400° for 20 minutes.

They came out golden and baked to perfection. The dough was flaky and crusty and stuffing inside was flavorful and moist. Delicioso!

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