Coconut Curry with Chicken

I always forget how much I like green curry until I have it again. Then I make it 3 days in a row.

On a day when I had chicken in my freezer and not much else, I raided my pantry and found a forgotten can of coconut milk from TJ’s that I bought with no real idea in mind, but hoped I would one day be inspired. And alas that day has finally come!

With my trusty chicken and exotic can of coconut milk in-hand, I began to scour the kitchen to figure out how I could incorporate these two ingredients into one lip-smackingly good dinner.

And you better believe I did.

Ever since trying the green curry in a clay pot at Cafe Asean in the West Village (I think they called it Gaeng Kheow), I’ve reserved a special place in my heart for green curry. Not being a real coconut lover myself, (something about the stringy texture just doesn’t appeal to me) I was totally transformed upon trying coconut curry.

When compared to shredded coconut, the milk is really a horse of a different color. Its rich and silky smoothness, paired with its tropical flavor and sweetness really make it an absolutely divine and quite addictive ingredient to use. Whether it’s a curry or cake, I’ve found that coconut milk can really make almost any dish special and really push it to another level.

So I had my coconut milk, chicken, green curry and a dream. Now what else could I throw into the pot?

I found some peas and edamame in my freezer, soy sauce, brown sugar, and tumeric in my cupboard, and a lime in my fridge. Those are all of the ingredients I used to make this coconut curry. I don’t have the measurements or a recipe, because I didn’t use one, but I can tell you basically what I did.

First I added the can of coconut milk and a tablespoon or two of green curry paste to a pan and let it simmer for maybe 5 minutes until it was fragrant and I felt the flavors had properly melded together. Then I threw in the rest of the ingredients and simmered for another 10 minutes until the vegetables were heated through and the sauce was slightly reduced and a bit thicker. In the meantime, I made some jasmine brown rice…

I scooped the brown rice into a bowl, spooned the warm curry mixture atop, and gave a squeeze of fresh lime juice and that was it!

Ok maybe that was a little too close-up… I wanted you to spontaneously lick the screen from this pic (Willy Wonka wallpaper style), but I fear instead, I’ve just made my readers dizzy :-/

Anyway, it was amazing! Seriously this coconut curry was soooo good and you saw how easy it was to make. I would seriously encourage anyone to pick up the two ingredients I began with, green curry paste and coconut milk, and create something with it – they go really well together. I enjoyed it so much, I made it for the next 2 days! And there are so many variations to take with this dish. It would be great with pork or shrimp, you could add all sorts of extra seasonings that would go well, such as lemongrass, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes and the vegetable combinations are virtually endless. If I had more ingredients on-hand at the time, I definitely would have thrown a few more things in there because, I’m just that kinda cook.

Whether you decide to make it simple or more complex, try making this. You might find a newfound love for coconut curry, just as I did. ❤

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