Big D’s Grub Truck

I left my office building today on a mission – I wanted a good lunch. In the city, there are far too many options for everything to be extraordinary, so too many times I settle for just the ordinary. Not today though. Today I was determined to try something tasty and something I hadn’t tried before.

My criteria was simple – Nothing too expensive or too unhealthy, though I was a little more lenient with the latter. After all, it’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday.

With no real direction or idea in mind, I happened to stumble across the ‘Big D’s Grub Truck’ on 40th btw Lex and 3rd. I wasn’t sure what they were selling at first, grub makes me think BBQ for some reason, but there was a small, yet substantial line which was hopeful, so I hopped in it!

Turns out it was a Korean taco truck!

To keep my budget and belly in check, I kept it simple and ordered an order of dumplings, and one spicy pork taco.

Right off the bat, the dumplings totally rocked my world.

I typically order steamed dumplings, for waistline purposes, so I had forgotten just how deliciously earth shattering a pan fried dumpling can be! The outer layer of the dumpling was thicker than most I have come across and it made these almost a meal themselves. Upon my first bite, I savored the crisp brown edges and the soft, cushiony inner dumpling texture. The dipping sauce was a salty and addicting combo of soy and garlic, and I was surprised to learn how hearty the inside filling was.

It was filled with pork and chives and was meaty, hearty and delicious. I would go back to that truck for the dumplings in a heartbeat, the next time I feel like eating like the gordita I am at heart.

The spicy pork taco, on the other hand, was only ok…

It looked pretty in the foil packet with it’s lime and thick slice of cucumber, but that’s where the romance ended. There was nothing particularly wrong with this taco, or anything that tasted unappealing per say, it was moreso just the lack of taste. Overall it was just pretty underwhelming. Perhaps a little more salt or spice or texture, I’m not sure. But Big D’s has a bit of work to do on this taco. I’m interested to see if the others taco varieties they offer measure up more closely to the dumplings or their fellow spicy pork taco. I doubt I’ll go back to find out, as I only allow myself to splurge on taco trucks every couple months or so, but if you ever see this truck on the street and are debating whether to go – stick to the dumplings.


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