FIKA Espresso Bar

‘Fika’ is a Swedish verb that translates to ‘take a coffee break’, apparently. So that’s just what I did when I passed by FIKA Espresso Bar today.

I visited the branch in Flatiron today, but used to go to the shop downtown in the Financial District when I worked in that area.

I like the look and feel of both FIKA stores I’ve been to – they remind me of IKEA. Which makes sense because both originate, or are modeled in the Swedish style. They’re very modern and compact, yet efficient and tidy. I also enjoy looking at a display case full of truffles. That can never do you wrong in my eyes.

I stopped in after lunch today and ordered a soy latte and a dark chocolate truffle. I felt I had to order something sweet to nibble on with my coffee, first of all because I deserve it, second of all because this is Swedish style coffee shop, and that’s what the Swedes do! And you know the old saying…

Truth be told, it’s not the best latte I’ve ever had. It does the job, but I don’t come here for the coffee. The truffles and pastries are good, both of which are hand-made by a Europe-trained pastry chef, and the ambiance is relaxing.  The staff is also very friendly.

This is definitely a cute place to come for an afternoon treat, but I wouldn’t mark it among my favorites in the espresso category.


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