Monday Night Antipasto Platter

Yesterday in NYC the weather was gorgeous. You could really feel Spring in the air! I wanted to remix my Monday night a bit to match my good feelings from the day, so I put together a fun platter with a bunch of my favorites for dinner.

I’m the type of person who likes to try all sorts of things at a meal, not just one big item. So an antipasto style platter like this is just perfect for me to nibble around at. I know the boyf enjoyed it too, seeing as the platter was practically licked clean by the end! 😉

On the platter: Kalamata olives, grapes, spanakopita, an assortment of cheeses, fried ham, and garlic-butter crostini topped with sea salt. And yes, that is Trader Joe’s $2.99 house wine in the back. Good eye.

This was absolutely divine and just what I wanted. Paired with my TJ’s wine, I was in heaven.

I would suggest putting together a platter like this with YOUR favorites, for a fun and out-of-the-box meal. It’s also great as an appetizer platter when entertaining, which is really what it’s meant for. ‘Antipasto’ literally means ‘before the meal’ in Italian.

Traditionally, antipasto platters consisted of: olives, cured meats, cheese, artichoke hearts, marinated peppers, etc., but I’m a strong proponent of taking what’s great about a traditional dish and kicking it up a notch with modern touches. Whether those touches be vegetables and fruit, deviled eggs and nuts, breadsticks and anchovies… use what you love and make it your own. You’ll be proud of the food you’re putting forth and it will be that much more enjoyable!


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