Restaurant Review – Maggie’s Dream Cafe

Anything with the name Maggie HAS to be good. That is a fact.

I happened upon Maggie’s Dream Cafe, located in Queens, last weekend. Not expecting much from the look of its surrounding venues (a laundromat and liquor store), I strolled in for lunch because I felt it my due diligence. We Maggie’s have to stick together.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this place is really a diamond in the rough! Their decorations weren’t as dreamy as the shop seems to lead on (though the 3-D butterfly napkin holders were kind of cute), but the food was really quite good.

This cafe is family owned and casual, serving Mediterranean and Bulgarian style dishes, primarily: gyro’s, panini’s, wraps, and salads. They also have some enticing sounding cakes, crepes, and other desserts, although (SPOILER ALERT) I didn’t order one this visit. Everything is made fresh daily and you can really tell.

The boyf ordered the Chicken Kebab with Fries and Pita Bread.

Holy cannoli were those fries AMAZING! Those white shreds you see on top are bulgarian feta cheese – much creamier and tangier and richer than the feta I’m used to. It was really the shining star of the plate in my book. Also, that ketchup-looking sauce on the side is actually ‘lutenitza’ sauce, which is made with sweet peppers and tomatoes. Overall, everything on this plate was really good.

I ordered The Grilled Chicken Gyro.

The chicken was thinly sliced and very flavorful, the pita was slightly sweet, and the yogurt sauce it came with was on point. I was very satisfied with my plate, though I did steal more than a few fries off the boyf’s too…

In addition to the great fare, the wait staff at Maggie’s is also very prompt and friendly. I was also pleased to see that the actual cafe was very clean and maintained well. I’d go back to Maggie’s Dream Cafe in a heartbeat.

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