Saturday Brunch at Sarabeth’s Central Park

Spontaneously I stopped for brunch at Sarabeth’s while I was running some errands last weekend. I was hungry, near Central Park and have always heard about this spot for brunch but had somehow never been. I decided there is no time like the present and promptly walked in.

The restaurant was busy and the atmosphere ok, but not overall that impressive. It looks much cuter in the picture from their website above than it actually does in person. I sat at the bar, so I got to witness the bloody Mary stains on the cabinets and floor. (sigh) The bartender was very nice and gave me a very satisfactory soy cappuccino. Unfortunately that was about the only good thing I consumed while there.

I ordered the Farmer’s Omelette, which was studded with leeks, ham, potato, and gruyere and was not at all impressed. Admittedly it’s partly my fault, I know better than to order an omelette and expect the world. But honestly there wasn’t much else I wanted on the menu, and thought for almost $16 I’d get a decent omelette. Silly me …

The best part of the meal was the raspberry preserves, and I’m not trying to knock jam because I know it’s not always easy to find a good spread for your scone. I just think the quality of my jam should match the rest of my meal and in this case, it really didn’t. It wasn’t a bad meal, just nothing I’d repeat. The end.


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