The Castello Plan – Brunch

Deep in the heart of Brooklyn is a little place called, The Castello Plan. It’s not located in the typical ‘hipster hood’ of Billyburg but the vibe is similar, though different in an important way. They don’t try so hard!

The thoughtful decor and wonderful food really delighted us at Castello’s. From the tulip-topped wooden tables and raw-sugar-cube- warm-cream coffee, to details we probably won’t notice until our second visit. Everything made the place special and unique.

I also really enjoyed the culinary combinations they chose. My sandwich, the ‘Ditmas Sandwich’, was a balanced and harmonious example of a perfectly executed sandwich. It wasn’t excessive or confusing, but simple and straightforward. Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, cucumbers, walnuts, tomato, and sherry vinegar all came together in a perfect portion on an olive oil baguette. I asked our waiter if they made their bread in house, because it was so fresh and unique – it tasted sort of like a baguette/croissant hybrid. He told me they’re delivered daily from Balthazar. A place that’s dangerously close to my office …

My friend ordered the ‘Veggie Sandwich’, which consisted of roasted beets, goat cheese, sunflower seeds and pickles.  Again all piled neatly atop that deliciously flaky olive oil baguette. I really appreciated how every sandwich, each in their own way, played with different textures. Crunchy nuts and seeds, creamy cheese, salty and delicate ham … all good ideas in my book.

The only thing that would keep me from returning to The Castello Plan is the location. If I venture this far into Brooklyn again, you can be sure this will be first stop on my list.

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