Breaking the Hiatus

Today is my grand re-entry to the food blogging world. I will likely be celebrating with a Chipotle burrito bowl.

During my time away I never left the kitchen, I just didn’t have the time (or didn’t make the time) to blog about my adventures. The absence of my blog has left a huge, gaping hole in my heart that I have tried to fill by teaching my (at times) unwilling friends about things like the importance of keeping butter cold in making scones, or chatting with random strangers about the benefits of wheat grass, or even scolding family members for thinking agave nectar was a health food.

I’ve decided I’ve punished them all long enough and will now return to using my blog as an outlet for my passions, and hopefully my audience will be much more willing to engage 🙂

I altered the name of my blog, although I cannot change the URL apparently. It used to be called “In a Cooking State of Mind,” which was (supposed to be) clever because I was living in New York at the time. Now, I am not living there, and wanted something that describes who I am in the kitchen. “Chocolate, Salt & Olive Oil” seemed to be perfect for me because it encompasses my love for simplicity, my need for natural ingredients, and my obsession with all three of those things. One or all of them can be found in almost every single thing I make.

So I now pronounce myself, officially, returned to the food blogging world!

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