Brunch: Cafe Osage

Brunching [v.]: To eat brunch. e.g. “They go brunching every Saturday at 11.”

Osage 8

In a few bullets, here’s why brunch is so fantastic:

  • You’re combining two meal into one, so basically you have free reign to eat whatever you want, guilt-free.
  • There are yummy and pretty cocktails involved that are made especially for this special meal.
  • You can get whatever you want. Smoked fish on toast? Of course! Steak with potatoes? Sure, why not? Salad with a side of cake? Ok then!
  • It’s usual, yet celebratory. I don’t know why it feels so special, but there’s just something about it. :::turns to gaze out window:::
  • You can do it almost anytime. You who rises early, brunch is for you. You who rolls out of bed with a hangover at 2pm, brunch is still there for you.

In short, brunch is perfect and the weekends are for brunching. Don’t mess with perfection.

I’ve gotten in the lovely habit this summer of going to morning yoga in Tower Grove Park, strolling through the Farmer’s Market on my way out, and heading to brunch with friends thereafter. This relaxing ritual gets me through the work week.

This past weekend, some friends and I went to Cafe Osage for a birthday brunch.

Osage outside

The venue is simple and beautiful, spacious and earthy. It’s located inside of Bowood Farms in the Central West End. They use produce and herbs fresh from their garden to create menu items, which makes for an excitingly local dining experience. The staff is friendly and, although we had to wait for a table, their gift shop, nursery, and restaurant feline kept us well occupied.

My one gripe about the restaurant is the wait time. I am pretty forgiving when I know my food is being cooked-to-order. I have no problem waiting for that extra quality and care. But we sat there and waited a good long while before we even got our drink orders in, then another 45 minutes just waiting for our drinks, THEN, we were able to finally order our food and waited another 45 minutes. The food was very good and I enjoyed the experience very much, but the wait would deter me from going back if I didn’t have 2+ hours to spare.

Osage 6

I ordered an espresso to start.

Osage 7

Others got Bloody Mary’s, which were apparently wonderful!

(Check out Lauren, the chef, photo-bombing the Bloody shot.)

Osage 8

And others got fancy brunch cocktails. I think this one was called the Botanical Garden. Pretty, no?

Osage 2

I ordered the Salmon Salad, which came with: mixed greens, hazelnuts, lemon hazelnut vinaigrette, a goat cheese baguette, and salmon of course. The fish was cooked to perfection, and I really liked the tart vinaigrette. The hazelnuts provided the perfect crunch, and everyone knows a good goat cheese toast is the way to my heart.

Osage 4

Another popular order at our table was the Greens, Eggs, and Ham. This came with poached eggs, prosciutto, and arugula, all piled atop a whole wheat crostini. The yoke had just the right amount of runniness to give the rocket some richness. Simple, and well done.

Osage 3

Another tasty choice was the Turkey Club, which came with: roasted turkey, Nueske bacon (from Wisconsin), hardboiled egg, lettuce, tomato, and tarragon mayonnaise on sourdough bread. I liked that the Club was a generous portion and did not leave one wanting for bacon.

We all enjoyed our meals, just not the wait time, but I will most likely be back. I support quality restaurants that utilize local ingredients. Although next time I go, I will make sure to get the bison burger, because I now know that they raise their own Bison on Bowood Farms. Plus, I’m long overdue for a good bison burger.

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